Contagious Ecthyma
Contagious Ecthyma is a highly contagious viral skin disease that can also be transmitted from animals to humans and usually affects sheep and goats. As a result of this disease, painful skin wounds are often created in the mouth and snout of the animal, which causes anorexia and hunger. Following the disease, secondary bacterial infections may occur, and in rare cases, the disease may progress to internal organs and lead to death, which can bring eeconomic losses. Contagious Ecthyma disease is caused by infection with the Orf virus of parapox and the Poxviridae virus family. The Orf virus is transmitted through direct contact with wounds and injuries to the skin, and it remains stable and active for several years in dry wounds remaining in the environment.
Contagious Ecthyma Vaccine is the live discounted virus of Orf, which is obtained through serial passages of the wild virus in Lamb Testis primer cells, and viral suspensions are presented as standardized by lyophilized methods in vials. Safety dose in 1 ml of vaccine is 104.5 TCID50.The vaccine is diluted with a solvent and it is inoculated on the thin skin of a sheep's or goat's foot by an applicator.
If necessary and in order to disinfect the environment from Orf virus, it can be considered that sodium hypochlorite and disinfectants based on two 4-dimensional ammonium are effective against Orf virus, but ethanol is not effective in killing the Orf virus. Detergents, alkalis, glutaraldehyde are some of the disinfectants that have been suggested to kill the virus. The virus is also inactivated at 56 ˚C for 30 minutes.
Vaccination program:
Pregnant cases should not be vaccinated 6 to 8 weeks before delivery.
Lambs and goats should be vaccinated in the first week of birth.
Vaccination for sheep and goats should be repeated annually.
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