Lumpy skin disease

It is an acute viral, highly infectious and skin disease in cows. The disease is caused by the Capripox family virus and similar to cause Capripox in sheep and goats. The disease is mainly transmitted by insects, especially biting and bloodthirsty mosquitoes. Cows are more susceptible to this disease and sometimes the disease is associated with losses in them. Symptoms include high fever, runny eyes, increased nasal and pharyngeal secretions, anorexia, decreased milk production, unwillingness of the animal to walk, and the appearance of button-like skin nodules that gradually cover the entire body. The neck, back, genitals, breasts and legs are the most affected areas. Lesions also spread to the nose, into the nostrils, mouth, and throat. Affected animals have coughing and snoring due to respiratory problems. Transmission of the disease through the bites of mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects is the main cause of transmission. Of course, nasal and pharyngeal secretions, sperm and milk are also diseases. Traffic of infected cattle from infected areas to other areas and new farms can be effective in spreading the disease and cause rapid spread of the disease and high mortality.

Durability of disease

The virus is highly resistant to the environment and may survive for a long time on or out the host body. The virus can persist for more than 6 months in a suitable environment such as inside a livestock kennel and is present in nasal, eye and throat secretions, sperm, milk, blood and skin lesions and can be present in objects and equipment for 6 months. And inanimate objects in the farm or livestock.

Vaccine compounds "Viera - Lampi Wax" 

Live virus attenuated combination of LSD strain disease Neethling and lactalbumin and sucrose as stabilizers. The lumpy skin vaccine is available in 25 and 50 doses in eight-milliliter vials. Vira Vaccine SHAYA Company produces veterinarian vaccine and relying on young and domestic specialists, as well as using the facilities available in the country, this company has been able to produce LSD vaccine under the brand name "Vira Lampi Wax " in accordance with the country's needs in 1399 and make the country needless to import this vaccine.

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