Production site

The production site of Vira Vaccine

This production site of Vira Vaccine Company is designed based on European standards and GMP rules which is located in an area of 400 square meters of clean Room and safety level of classes A to D. production capacity is 12 million doses of vaccine per month. The site is equipped with modern laboratory equipment, water supply system for injectable water (WFI), and pure water (PW). Production site consists of various units including some sections such as sterile washing, storage room, In-Process Quality Control (IPQC), cell culture, virus, filling room, and lyophilizing room.

Sterile washing and storage

The washing and sterile storage compartments are classified as C, in the washing section all the tools and supplies required for the production site are washed and sterilized, then transferred to the sterile storage section.

Media preparation

This section is in the C classification, equipped with LAF of class A, as well as the preparation of culture media, materials and solutions used and their filtration for use in the production process in the media preparation.

In-Process Quality Control (IPQC)

This section is in the C classification and tests the quality control of the processes during the production process.

Cell culture

This section is in B classification and is equipped with LAF of class A, and the processes of cell culture and proliferation used in the vaccine production process are performed in this section.

Virus section

This section is in Class B classification, equipped with LAF of class A, in which the process of inoculation of the virus into cultured cells, production of the middle bulk and the final bulk of the vaccine are performed.

Filling and lyophilizing

This section is in class B, equipped with LAF of class A, and the operation of filling the vials and transferring them to the freezer and lyophilizing process is performed in this stage.