Quality Control

Vira Vaccine Quality Control

Quality control is one of the most successful strategies to improve productivity and having healthy raw materials in production line of final products. Quality control unit, equipped with modern laboratory equipment, and has been created to perform all tests related to raw materials and livestock vaccines in accordance with international standards in a space of 250 m2. This unit consists of sections including: cellular and molecular, cell culture, serology, virus, microbe, and physics and chemistry. Maintaining the set standards, discovering and correcting the deviations of the process in practice and evaluating the efficiency of the units and related people are also among the goals of this unit. Via Vaccine Quality Control Unit of Shaya Vaccine with an experienced and trained team, on all stages of vaccine production, such as health control of raw materials and packaging items, controls during production, control and monitoring of environment and water used in different parts of the company, Controlling and verifying the final product as well as performing stability tests monitors the final product.